Sponsoring Shows

We have a new line-up of great Podcast Productions to sponsor. Whether your customer base is other businesses or consumers, learn more about these targeted shows and support worthwhile causes at the same time!


Essentially a recorded radio show that can be downloaded and listened to any time on a mobile device and listened to while exercising, golfing, driving, traveling, multi-tasking, etc. making it more convenient for listeners than video or reading. Podcasting (iPod Broadcasting) is not just for iPods anymore and can be played on any mobile device using apps.

Watch this video published by CNN (Editor’s Note: the video was produced in 2006 and podcasting has exploded to whole new levels of listeners as detailed later on this page. We included this video because CNN did a really great job explaining the concept).


iTunes has over 1 BILLION active podcast subscriptions There is a HUGE NUMBER OF LISTENERS but competition is much lower than blogging because there are far fewer podcasts to listen to (it’s more work to put a podcast together than to write a blog). There are over 150 million blogs but only 115,000 English podcast shows.

Like a radio show, podcasting grows your influence as an expert and shows you are an established force.

It hits a a very specific target audience with impact. In this case the podcast will reach business people and professionals.

Radio can be horrible but podcasting is easy, low on commercials and free of spam. Podcasting is a huge social media trend, with the big social media hitters recommending and engaging in it to drive new business and grow leads.

Unlike radio, podcasting doesn’t have to have a shelf-life. Shows will continue to be available for download to listeners and can be easily distributed and shared.


  • Be a sponsor on the podcast and receive the following advertising benefits:
  • 15 second spot in the intro
  • 60 second spot during the show.
  • Listed on the resources page of the show and links to sponsor’s website for advertising and SEO


Comfortable talking shop in a radio format? Got a successful marketing program you can talk about? We are looking for guests. Once a show is released use the podcast on your website and social media as a public relations tool to build trust and confidence with potential buyers.


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